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Clearpass host group management issue

Question:- how much work is done by the web browser when managing host group entries?


I have a health check service that processes health check userids from specific NAS IP addresses. NAS Ip adddresses are managed by a host group.


From the gui it *appears* that you can only manage (add/delete) 20 devices at a time . My healtcheckhosts group has more than 20 switches defined.


Over the weekend, somehow all the switches were deleted from the host =group ... so all our Comware switch health checks failed ... and there was a bit of pain.


Thing is , in the Audit viewer it shows all the host group entries being replaced with 1 ip address and it did it. 


So am wondering if the 20 defice limit is imposed at the browser level and not the CPPM level... in which case something went wrong!


See attacted images, (unfortunately you can't resize the audit window)

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Re: Clearpass host group management issue

BTW this is CPPM 6.8


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Re: Clearpass host group management issue

Mentioned this to Aruba at Atmosphere and yes ... its a bug ... 

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