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Clearpass, how can I edit the default php pages?

During the onboarding process, there is lots of erroneious text, which I believe to be simply system default, which we would like to modify or remove all together.  I can only find certain aspects that can changed, such was wihtin the web login, or provisioning settings.


For example, on our provisioning page, there are 4 Instucitons...


!. Install root cert

2. Login below...

3. Install cert when prompted

4. Go to your wifi settings and connect to SSID: CorpWifi


Yet, I cant find anywhere that allows you to edit or remove these.  I want to remove item 4, as the client is already connected to the SSID for both pre and post auth states, so this is not required...  I know the URL of this page, but cant see anyway to directly edit it.  Is this possible, or is there another way to remove this info?


We also find that upon sucessful provisioning, the screen says finished, then...


You should now change your network settings, select the CorfWifi to access the internet


Is it possible to edit or remove this, as the device is already on the correct SSID  -  we would prefer the page to simply redirect to an internal website, but cant seem to do this either...


Can anyone advise? 







Re: Clearpass, how can I edit the default php pages?

This HTML is found in the Provisioning Settings for each OS (under Instructions).  




The second messagef is also eitable in this area; I believe that i sunder Connect Failure; do a search on that Provisioning Settings page for the text you want to edit.



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Re: Clearpass, how can I edit the default php pages?

Thanks.. Id almost got that far, but somehow missed that page....



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