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Clearpass import MACs for MACAUTH in Bulk

There are several posts about this and I'm honestly just wanting to make sure I have a clear grasp of it.


If I export the endpoints in CPPM I see that the data is in XML format. I can work with that for importing.


The question I have is, do I have to have something in every field? For example, I want to bulk import iPads. Is just the MAC enough, or do I need to provide more details?


Do I need to supply the macVendor or will Clearpass sort it out?

Do I need to supply an "EndpointProfile"?
Are there "EndpointTags" that are required? I assume for MACAUTH I want to reuse the MAC for the username and even provide it with a role, but are others required?

Or even better, is there a web form or something that Clearpass provides where I can let our helpdesk upload CSV with the MACs to?


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Re: Clearpass import MACs for MACAUTH in Bulk

Under Manage Devices > More Options, you’ll find the CSV import option.


The only fields you'll need are:
username = MAC address upper, hyphen
sponsor_name = Owner's username
mac_auth = 1
role_id = numeric value for device role
enabled = 1
expire_time = (if you want it to expire)


Best way to see all this is to manually register a device then export the CSV.

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Re: Clearpass import MACs for MACAUTH in Bulk

OH. So you do it under Guest. I didn't think to look there. So not putting it in as an Endpoint, but a managed device. Okay that makes sense.

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