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Clearpass integration with dual factor authentication server



We have a project were will have to set up client VPN access on Cisco ASA with Clearpass authentication against AD plus dual factor authentication. Now comes the fun part. We have a privilege to ask the dual factor authentication developers ( to write almost anything for the integration part. They are in a call distance from us. We thought about making HTTP(s) integration. What are your thoughts about it? Would it add to the overall system stability? Is it worth trying? The radius part is ready and we would just have to configure both platforms. My concern for the radius approach is timeout between the request to the dual authentication server and the time required for the user to respond to the challenge.

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Re: Clearpass integration with dual factor authentication server

API based integrations are the "new way". These would have to be done at the ClearPass product level so I'd recommend that you submit an RFE.

Tim Cappalli | Aruba Security
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