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Clearpass license usage



I would like to know is there any possibility to find out what devices are using Access license or anything like that?


I have two Clearpass 500 HW devices in a cluster which provide RADIUS 802.1x to the LAN and WLAN network. Because of two devices the license count is 1000.

Problem is that Clearpass usage count is hovering around 1100 (for over 2 weeks now) and I have no clue why (=Current license exceeded).  Insight is displaying that there is only approximately 750 unique endpoints on network and in whole company there shouldn't be over 800 endpoints.


So why I'm not getting same 1100 endpoint value at Insight which Clearpass is displaying? Is there anything how I could start troubleshoot this? I haven't done TAC case yet if this is just some simple case to solve. Thank you for your help.


Re: Clearpass license usage

What version? 6.7+ ?


Did you enable radius accounting? this way each license is given back once the user logs off.


Did you configure laptops to auto switch off wireless when they are connected to a docking station? this way you can save some license.

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Re: Clearpass license usage

Thank you for your reply. Radius accounting is disabled at least on WLAN devices so that is one step to improve this configuration.


I'll check how the workstations are configured


Re: Clearpass license usage

Please verify the version you are running. Your comments indicate you are still running on pre-6.7.

* Licensing in 6.7 have nothing to do with the number of Clearpass servers you are running as Access licenses are separated from the Platform license.

* Post-6.7 you would still see alot less license usage even with no Accounting since in Pre-6.7 you would have a weekly accumulated license usage for 802.1x..


If this is the case - I urge you to upgrade which will help alot with your license issue - and with Radius Accounting you will see even less of a strain on your licenses :)

* During convertion you will be left with your 1000 Access licenses

* You might also get the 2x25 Guest (=Access), 2x25 OnGuard and 2x25 OnBoard server licenses



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