Clearpass local account used for 802.1x Authentication



We are in the process of setting up our wireless infrastructure.

It includes a Wireless controller and Clearpass server.

We are still in the processing of learning the ins and outs of this system and we

had a question regarding 802.1x authentication.


If we have a user register a local account in the Clearpass via a captive portal, can we use that account for 802.1x authentication?


So if we had a Windows based user register an account (not onboard the device), then switch to an encrypted SSID that is using WPA2-AES, the user should be able to supply the account name and password they just created for authentication?


We have tried this, and when we looked at the RADIUS log we see that EAP-TLS is being used and the client computer gets prompted for a certificate and subsequently authentication fails.


Sorry if my terminology for 802.1x is not all correct, I am still learning about it.


Re: Clearpass local account used for 802.1x Authentication



Sorry, we have it working now.

However during the process we discovered an even bigger problem. :D


This thread can be deleted, sorry for stupid question.



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