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Clearpass monitoring only shows half lun size

Hi, we're using Clearpass 6.3.6.  I notice we physically assigned a lun of size 500 GByte.  But in Clearpass monitoring i only see 250 GByte.

What is the remaining 250 GByte used for?

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Re: Clearpass monitoring only shows half lun size

Okay, found in anther thread this is for upgrade purposes.  Is this the same principle which is used for the controllers?  Meaning if you perform the upgrade, the upgrade process takes place on - i assume - a second partition.  And after the upgrade, the boot environment is simply redirected to that second partition.

Re: Clearpass monitoring only shows half lun size

Correct. When you provision CPPM it will split the drive in two. 


When you do a upgrade (Going from 6.5 to 6.6) CPPM will upgrade the non running partition and on reboot will switch to the new partition. 


Remeber a update (6.5.6 to 6.5.7) it will happen on the running partition. 

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