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Clearpass on wired with multiple sized vlans for data network

We have just started configureing CP on our wired network, and are wondering how best to deal with this scenario.


Many of our hubs have multiplve vlans of varying sizes servicing the data network.  As a hub runs out of IPs, we may create a smaller subnet, then assign a switch to that vlan, and patch new devices into it.  Using CP to manage wired, how do we control which vlan the PC would need to go on, or are we likely to still need to manage this manually?


Perhaps we could still have a switch configured for a secondary vlan, and when CP sees a device connecting could itconfigure the port accordingly?


I cant imagine this is a unique scenario, but as CP is unaware of the leases availabe on a subnet, cant see anyway for this to be automated.


Is there a solution?

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Re: Clearpass on wired with multiple sized vlans for data network

Please see the thread here:

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