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Cluster License redundancy - yes or no?

If you have a cluster with 2 or more servers, the total amount of licenses (from any type) is available for all the CPPM servers. 

What happens when a server goes down?  Will the licenses of this server be still be available in all the cluster's servers?

This is a critical point when we design a cluster with redundancy.

For example: an org needs 20k licenses. If they have 4 servers of 5k licenses each, and then one server goes down, will they be short of 5K licenses or not. 

If the licenses of the server which is down will not be available, then they should have at least one addittional, spare 5K server. 

Re: Cluster License redundancy - yes or no?

Each CPPM comes with core lic and you can add feature lic (guest, onboard, onguard) only the feature lic are shared within the cluster. The core lic are not shared. They are the capacity of the appliance or VM. 500, 5K or 25k.

To have a true redundant cluster yes you would need to have a spare 5K in the cluster as an active stand by.
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