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Conference Login

I have an 11th hour request (aren't they always) for a basic captive portal for a conference.  The conference organisers want a basic captive portal with changing images and a username and password field.  I have created this as a web login with the galleria skin.  So far no issues.


The part I am not 100% on (and this could just be me over thinking this) is how to have a single account (username and password) that allows all conference attendees to simultaneously login.  I believe the conference organisers want to have the username and password either written on whiteboards or including in their conference introduction Powerpoint.

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Re: Conference Login

Make the SSID a WPA2-PSK SSID and give out the PSK on the whiteboards.  Done.

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Re: Conference Login

I thought the same and recommended it to the conference organiser but they want a password shorter than eight characters.  This is obviously an issue with a WPA2 passphrase.

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Re: Conference Login

What I am trying to work out is how do I configure ClearPass so everybody can login to a captive portal using the username xxxxx and the password yyyyy.

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Re: Conference Login

Just create a guest user in de guest user db and make sure you don’t limit the number of devices for this user. Why not use anonymous login?

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