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Context Server Action Invalid URI

I have setup and external context server and associated context server action that simply makes a GET call to a server with some URL parameters. I'm trying to pass the colon-delimited MAC address to the URL in the context server action but when I do, I get an invalid URI error - invalid query. If I specify the URL with a static MAC address, it works as expected with no issue. I thought I had the syntax correct for the variable, but something is obviously amiss - any help would be appreciated!


Current context server action:


FAILS: /api/?key=[api-key]&method=reauth&hardware=%{Connection:Client-Mac-Address-Colon}


Results in the invalid query error. If I specify a static MAC address, it works just fine, so something is wrong with the way I'm specifying the MAC address variables, but it matches the syntax in the other context server actions defined in CPPM.


WORKS: /api/?key=[api-key]&method=reauth&hardware=00:11:22:AA:BB:CC


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