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Correct setup of Aruba Clearpass BYOD..

Hi, iam trying to setup BYOD with Clearpass, but iam unsure if my setup is going to work.

Provisioning of new devices work.. iPhones get profiles and certificates from Clearpass through a intermediate certificate from the Microsoft CA.

But after the devices is provisioned and is going to connect with the cerificates with Microsoft NPS server i get this in the NPS log:

An error occurred during the Network Policy Server use of the Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP). Check EAP log files for EAP errors.

This kinda tells me that its trying to connect with username istead of Cert?

My question is this. Can a iPhone/Mac connect through NPS server after being provisioned with Cert from Clearpass?



byod@company, onboarding ssid

office@company, Secured ssid



Microsoft NPS 2012




Re: Correct setup of Aruba Clearpass BYOD..

You should be able to authenticate with the cert provisioned from Clearpass to NPS but is there a reason you are not using Clearpass for authentication?  Is there a way to try it to verify that the clients are indeed provisioned appropriately?

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