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Creating Guest manager with specific profile

Hi All,

Might be a silly question but ....


Looking to create a guest manager account for our conference office. All they'll need to do is be able to create multiple guest accounts and print them out for the users using a particular printing profile.


I've created an operator login profile for them, but there seems to be something missing between creating an operator login profile and managing to assign it to a local user id. When creating a local user,I can assign a given Role from the Identity/Roles list.

I take it I have to somehow map a specific Role to the operator profile I've created. If so , how do I do it?





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Re: Creating Guest manager with specific profile

In your guest login service, you'll need to write a rule that maps the tips role to an enforcement profile that assigns the new operator role.


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Re: Creating Guest manager with specific profile

o.k. figured that one out and I can now log in as an operator with access rights to create multiple user accounts. The problem we keep getting back to is the amount of work our conference office have to do in handing out userids and passwords to conference delgates.


If we've got a list of mobile telephone number / email address of conference delegates can we import them an use them as part of the bulk account creation process so we can


1). Create an account valid for the days of the conference where the username is their email address

2). SMS the user the details.






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