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Custom font in Clearpass

Hi, All


I'd like to use my custom font in Guest ticket

So, I uploaded font .ttf and .otf  into content manager and edit code in print template, but there's nothing happen.


However, It is possible to use custom font on clearpass ?

Please advise


Aruba Employee

Re: Custom font in Clearpass

Paste your snippet.  It certainly is possible.  Sure you don't just have a bad path or something?

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Re: Custom font in Clearpass

Thanks for replying but I didn't get it, how can i put my font into clearpass

I'd like to you with ticket below


Aruba Employee

Re: Custom font in Clearpass

You upload all the font files in Content Manager > Public, then add the required CSS to all the pages you need.  I would probably use a different skin than our stock.


Note the files in Content Manager should get a src path of "public/your_file".

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