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Customize guest provisioning page

Hi guys! :smileyhappy:
i would to know if it possible customize the "gusest provisionig page".

in the specific, i would change the date format, i would a check box instead that the calendar,
and the name that is the default when you generate a username and password, the default is Guest-0 i would change this name, it is possible?


thank a lot

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Re: Customize guest provisioning page

Hi Andrea


The only thing you can customize on the controller when it comes to guest elements is the captive portal itself. The admin gui for this is not customizable in any other way than what is possible under Management -> Guest Provisioning.


You can remove the START date to ease registration, but you will need to keep the END field to provide expiration date. If you remove both of these all accounts created will not expire.




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Re: Customize guest provisioning page

hi john!

thanks for ypur answer! =)


i know that if i remove start and end date of registration, the guest users not expirese, i dont want remove this field, but i want change the method with this information are insert in form.

i want use a check box with number of hours that the guest account have for connect.

for example two four or twentyfour hours, because the calendar that is now in used on the guest provisioning page, is in english format, i'm italian and i prefer use of 24 hours and not 12 hours.

so if not possbile use a check box, i am happy too if i can use the italian format of date.

for the username of guests, there isn't any solution?



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Re: Customize guest provisioning page

not with the controller, with clearpass guest the possibilities are endless.

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