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Customize self registration login form with "Custom Skin"

Hi @ all,


is it possible to customize the self registration login form the Custom Skin provides? (see screenshot)


I would like to remove the grey boxes and change the textbox style (curved edges for example...), and do some general setup changes like placing the header logo next to the login form, not above. Unfortunately i didn't find any HTML edit fields for the login body, only header and footer...


Do i have to build myself a custom skin plugin or can i edit the Custom Skin that far? And if i have to, how do i do it?





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Re: Customize self registration login form with "Custom Skin"

You can provide a custom login form.



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Re: Customize self registration login form with "Custom Skin"

Take a look at the Galleria skin. It can be customized under Plugins.

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Re: Customize self registration login form with "Custom Skin"

"Provide a custom form" is absolutely the wrong way to do it -- that will remove the default forms off the page and you're just making far too much work for yourself!


An easier way would be to use CSS to override the default of "Custom Skin 1" or "Galleria Skin."


CPGuest > Admin > Plugin Manager > Custom Skin 1 > Config > Mode: Advanced && CSS :: Advanced CSS :: exclude whatever you don't like (e.g. background colors and borders)


... And then add whatever styles you want in the CSS styles box, e.g.:


.nwaTop {
background-color: pink;




Or stick to Galleria:

 CPGuest > Admin > Plugin Manager > Galleria Skin > Config > (paste your CSS overrides into HTML HEAD)

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