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Customizing Clearpass Guest

I am creating a new skin for Clearpass Guest. Everything is going well. I have everything setup the way I would like, with one expection.


When you log in to Guest it puts in the the "Start Here" which shows "Guest Account Management". Our users wont know this as Clearpass Guest, since we will only call it MacTrac. Is there somewhere that I can edit what shows on the "Start Here" page? It gets the URL guest/guest_index.php. I don't mind having the page, I would just like to personalize the content. 



Any direction would be helpful, searching isn't turning up much because I'm not sure what to actually call this page besides the "Start Here". 

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Re: Customizing Clearpass Guest

FWIW, I've created new mactrac create/edit/receipt pages and set those as the defaults for custom operator profiles. Then, as part of the skin and on each page, I have links to the create and edit pages. This makes it so they never see the actual ClearPass guest interface but rather just my custom forms and pages.

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Re: Customizing Clearpass Guest

I see, so instead of allowing them to use the side nav bar, you remove that and just allow them to use links on the page to get back and forth. That's not a bad idea. Thanks for your help!

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Re: Customizing Clearpass Guest

any update on where to edit the guest/guest_index.php page?


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Re: Customizing Clearpass Guest

I'm also curious...any update on where/how to edit the text of the guest/guest_index.php form?

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