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Custon expiration time for ClearPass guest accounts?

I know this has been brought up on the forums before and by reading through the previous posters I'm able to get to about 60% of where I need to be.  My goal:  On our guest registration page I'd like to have a drop-down menu where guests can request between 1 to 5 days for account duration, but with each day the account will expire at 1800 (or 6PM).  I have been successful with "today 1800", "tomorrow 1800" and "next Friday 1800", but I cannot seem to get days 3 and 4 to work.  I have tried syntax like "plus 3d 1800",  "+3d 1800" and "3d 1800", but all fail and actually create the account with no expiration.  Can anyone help me achieve what I want (or let me know it's not possible so I am not chasing something that is not supported)?  Thanks, Wes 

Re: Custon expiration time for ClearPass guest accounts?

Can you try '3 days' for now + 3 days? Some examples are here:

2017-08-23 08_57_48-Configure Guest Manager.png

It seems to follow the PHP relative time format:


I just tested: 3 days 1800 and it will create an account expiring on Saturday, 26 August 2017, 6:00 PM [Today is Wednesday].

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