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DHCP Fingerprinting



I have an IAP wich functions as my controller, clearpass as the Radius server and some SSID's based on MAC and/or user authentication.


I am wondering how to setup DHCP fingerprinting in my envoirment. I am using Windows 2012 as the AD/DHCP server. Could someone explain to me how to setup DHCP fingerprinting in combination with the clearpass server?


Thnx in advance.


Re: DHCP Fingerprinting



You'll need to a DHCP helper address. This can be done on your IAP or on another network device such as a switch (depending on your network archetecture).


Here's the commands on the IAP CLI:


(Instant Access Point)(config)# ip dhcp <profile-name>
(Instant Access Point)(DHCP Profile <profile-name>)# server-type <centralized>
(Instant Access Point)(DHCP Profile <profile-name>)# server-vlan <vlan-ID>
(Instant Access Point)(DHCP Profile <profile-name>)# dhcp-relay
(Instant Access Point)(DHCP Profile <profile-name>)# dhcp-server <DHCP-relay-server>
(Instant Access Point)(DHCP Profile <profile-name>)# vlan-ip <DHCP IP address> mask <VLAN mask>
(Instant Access Point)(DHCP Profile <profile-name>)# end

 Here's more details about the settings and the GUI config.



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