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DHCP IP is not assigning

Hi, we are configuring OnGuard for the wireless network and configured 802.1x authentication for the same. we have configured Clearpass services, Roles, and Enforcement policies. The issue is after connecting to the wireless network, the user is getting authenticated and the logs are showing in the controller, the IP address is assigned to the client and  correct VLAN is assigned. In both the Controller and ClearPass showing that the User role assigned same. But the endpoint is not getting an IP address from the internal DHCP server. Can anyone help us on this issue? Thanks, Yugandhar

Re: DHCP IP is not assigning

Does the assigned User Role permit obtaining an IP address? What is providing DHCP for that VLAN? Can you obtain an IP address in that VLAN with a wired client?


Try enabling a dhcp debug on the controller and see if there is any errors there:


On the command line it is this command, enter configuration mode (conf t)

logging level debugging network subcat dhcp

Then simply examine the network log using "show log network <number>" where number is the last number of entries to display.

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