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Deciphering the ClearPass RADIUS Log Line Format

I'm trying to figure out what each component of my exported CPPM RADIUS log lines means.  Here is an example line:



<139>2016-09-09 10:52:52,390 [Th 296082 Req 112666962 SessId R00d67595-04-57d2ccc3] ERROR RadiusServer.Radius - rlm_ldap: ldap_search() failed: LDAP connection lost.

I break the line up into the following compenents:


  1. <139>
  2. 2016-09-09 10:52:52,390
  3. [Th 296082
  4. Req 112666962
  5. SessId R00d67595-04-57d2ccc3]
  6. ERROR
  7. RadiusServer.Radius
  8. - rlm_ldap:
  9. ldap_search() failed: LDAP connection lost.


Here is my best guess as to what each of these is, but I'd really like some clarification:

  1.  ???
  2. Date and time with milliseconds
  3. System thread/process ID?
  4. Request number?
  5. Session ID
  6. Log level
  7. Parent process?
  8. Radius module?
  9. Log message

Ultimately I'm trying to identify the individual RADIUS thread responsible for a given log line, if possible.

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