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Deploying Amigopod using Public Certificates

Hi all,


Just putting the feelers out to see if anybody has any experience deploying Amigopod with Public CA certificates. Particularly the MDPS / TLS aspects of the configuration.


I am trying  to work out the best way to deploy a server for a large client of mine.


We are running 3.7 with Mobile Device enrollment and want to ensure the smoothest possible user experience by ensuring minimal interaction for the users when it comes to trusting certificates.


Any experiences you can share would be appreciated.




Re: Deploying Amigopod using Public Certificates

Hi Scott, so whilst the community can contribute with their own experiences I just want to offer the help of our engineering team to discuss your customers implementation.  We have a very powerful user interface and workflow with Amigopod that is tightly coupled with our CA and the Apple over the air provisioning service meaning that the end user experience can really be controlled and optimized.  


Do you have existing experience with configuring Amigopod, the MDPS workflow is an extension of our Guest Self Registration feature.  Are you deploying over an Aruba WLAN?  Also will you be integrating into an existing PKI or will Amigopod act as the Root CA?


thanks, feel free to contact TAC if you want to schedule a call to discuss your requirements further



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