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Detecting when a ClearPass service has stopped and why

Just been browsing round our ClearPass server cluster members ( CPPM 6.6.5) and noticed that one wasn't processing our eap-tls health checks. Turns out it wasn't processing any auths because the radius server process had stopped.


Ignoring local issues as to why no one noticed it had stopped, in the past I've seen watchdog messages in the event log  saying that a restart of the radius process had been instigated .. but nothing this time So three questions 


1). Do message appear in the event log when a process stops ( this one stopped ~ 1st August) ?


2). Is there any way of getting details as to why a process might stop 


3). Is there still a watchdog process that checks for and restarts services if they're down?





Re: Detecting when a ClearPass service has stopped and why

The ClearPass services should never stop. Please open a support case with the Aruba TAC on this issue.


The full log-files are available if you do a 'Collect Logs' in the server manager. TAC will also need those logs, but you can open the file (I believe it is a tar.gz file, which can be opened on Linux or with 7-zip on Windows). You can even run the problematic process in debug mode for troubleshooting, in case the logs are not showing enough details. Please do this under supervision of Aruba TAC as running in debug mode can overload the ClearPass server or flood the harddisk space.


It looks like this post is related to this post. I suggest to follow up below that post.

If you have urgent issues, please contact your Aruba partner or Aruba TAC (click for contact details).
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Re: Detecting when a ClearPass service has stopped and why

The same happened with me, i have 6.6 version I have openeded a tac case today to see what will their feedback be

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