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Device Location Tracking

We recently had a request from our Campus Police to track a laptop through campus so that they could correlate security footage to establish an exit path and perhaps an identity.


I was able to use ClearPass Access Tracker to get timestamps of RADIUS sessions and pull the Radius:Aruba:Aruba-Location-Id from each entry to build a path through campus.  However, this took a fair bit of time with all the clicking.


Our goal is to be able to pass a MAC Address and time range to ClearPass and get back Time Stamps and Aruba-Location-ID values.  We want to be able to generate this report in 5 minutes or less from getting a call from Campus Police.


Unfortunately, Access Tracker appears to be magic.  I'm uncertain which group of API calls I could use to pull this data.  Or is there a better way to gather this information from ClearPass?

I realize that I could probably export the data to Splunk or similar and build a dashboard there ... but I wanted to start with ClearPass first.


Anyone have a good idea or methodology (or CODE?!?!) which could get me the information?



Benjamin J. Higgins (’97)
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Aruba Employee

Re: Device Location Tracking

You can use Insight within ClearPass. Create a report, select raw csv, filter with mac address.


Some screenshots attached for reference.


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