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Device MAC address authentication to SSID

Aruba OS is

I have PEF.

I am implementing about 111  Windows CE wireless devices. I would like them to access the new SSID that I built using MAC address authentication, instead of WEP password/key.

What are the steps to do this?

Currently the SSID is using WEP and the SSID is not being broadcast.

I found bits and pieces in the User Guide to try and accomplish this but no luck.

Any help would be appreciated. thanks.

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Re: Device MAC address authentication to SSID

You can use internaldb inside controller for registering mac address

- Populate InternalDB with MAC of client

- Create/edit AAA profile "default-MAC-auth"

- Set the mac-authenticated role inside "default-MAC-auth" to whatever you need

- Create new AP Group, using tthis AAA profile

- For SSID try using open auth first

- Provision the AP and try the network



Checkout :

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Re: Device MAC address authentication to SSID

I got this to work. I think it was the OPEN authentication that did the trick. However I am changing gears due to the fact that I would have to enter 111 devices into the internal database (more mgmt work).  SOOO, I am persuing User Derivation Rules using the first six characters of the mac address to further qualify their  connection to the specific SSID. Its not working as planned either but thats another post. Thanks for input.

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