Disabling logging of certain auth requests


I'm just setting up a "health check" service on clearpass 6.4. We have various systems round the network that will perform  a RADIUS authentication against  each server in our clearpass cluster in order to determine if its up or not ( currently these services consist of our nagios server and F5 load balancers).


While everything is working, o.k, the problem is that nagios is performing health checks every 3 mins and the F5's will probably have an even shorter reauth period. On my freeradius boxes I've got code that ensures that healthcheck logging doesn't end up in the back end database as I don't want to have logging info swamped by healthcheck "stuff".


Is there any way of (optionally)  telling clearpass not to store results of historical auth requests in the back end database? e.g. have a flag you can enable/disable defining whether you want  logging to occur?





Re: Disabling logging of certain auth requests

No, there's not. Authentication logs are only kept for 7 days by default.

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