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Does Radius accounting count as license in Amigopod?

Hello ,  we have a customer with a 3400 Aruba Controller,  and ClearPass with AMG-LIC-100 License.


We have 2 WLANs:
- Corporate. Using 802.1x authentication, the Aruba contoller send Radius auhentication request to an IAS Windows Server.
- Guest. Using web authenticacion through Amigopod.


Now we have configured Radius Accounting in the "corporate" profile, in order to have centralized reports using Amigopod.
The question is :  these accounting sessions from corporate users ( not authenticated by amigopod ) count in the pool of 100 licenses we have ?

If the answer is yes,  we well change this configuration, in order to send accounting from the controller to the IAS server, because we need 100 users for the guest profile.


Thank you,


Re: Does Radius accounting count as license in Amigopod?

Yes, RADIUS accounting consumes an Amigopod license.

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