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Does clearpass support odbc connection pooling


I've set up an authentication source that makes use of the Unix ODBC driver to talk to an MSSQL database. (Clearpass 6.5). Does the driver support database connection pooling or is it connect ->execute SQL->disconnect ? Would make sense to have connection pooling


All I've found is a max db connections ( service parameters/clearpass system services/database configurations/maximum connections) setting  ( range 300 - 2000 with no default value)

BTW how can this not have a default value?






Re: Does clearpass support odbc connection pooling



Q1 - I'll have to check to check to get a 100% answer on the cx-polling, but I think we do maintain the connection, but there is an idle timer, need to check.


Q2 - this is dependent on the h/w - v/s in use.... however it should be populated.


These are the defaults.....

500 = 400cx

5k = 700cx

25k = 1000cx

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Re: Does clearpass support odbc connection pooling


on my dev clearpass server which is running a clean install of 6.5 there is a default value.


On my productioncluster which started life as a 6.4.0 and has had every patch kit applied to it ( currently its 6.4.5) then none of the servers seemed to have either a defaut value indicated for the no if db connections or a value actually set.


I'll see if anything breaks when I upgrade to 6.5 :-))




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