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Dot1X Fall back for windows devices


 I hope someone can help me. We have clearpass configured and working for dot1x authentication and authorisation. This is working fine in out IT department but we would like to rollout dot1x in all the switches in our campus in a phased manner.

Currently our problem is, if a user take his 'dot1x authentication enabled laptop' to a location where dot1x not enabled, he wont't be able to login to network,unless the 'enable dot1x authentication' tick box is unchecked in ethernet adapter properties.


So I am wondering if there is any mechanism in windows to fallback to 'normal' network connectivity if end device (laptop) can not detect a dot1x configured port on the other side? hope this make sense but please let me know if you need clarifications.

many thanks in advance.


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Re: Dot1X Fall back for windows devices

what type of device is this? from what i know you can just enable radius auth on Windows without it being enabled to the switch side fine.

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