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Downloadable role with bandwidth contract



I got a request from a customer to configure a number of roles to simulate connections with lower bandwidth than the office connection.

As the customer have ClearPass and Aruba OS 8.2 and use downloadable roles for all other roles I tried to configure bandwidth contracts for a role, but the controller doesn´t accept the role I created.


If I creat a role in the controller and just assign this role it works like a sharm.

The downloadable role I tried to apply was the following:

aaa bandwidth-contract speedlimit-1234upstreamper-roleui kbits 1234

aaa bandwidth-contract speedlimit-1234downstreamper-roleui kbits 1234


ip access-list session speedlimit-1234

user-role speedlimit-1234

access-list session speedlimit-1234

access-list session ra-guard

access-list session http-acl

access-list session https-acl

access-list session dhcp-acl

access-list session icmp-acl

access-list session dns-acl

access-list session v6-http-acl

access-list session v6-https-acl

access-list session v6-dhcp-acl

access-list session v6-icmp-acl

access-list session v6-dns-acl

bw-contract speedlimit-1234downstreamper-roleui downstream

bw-contract speedlimit-1234upstreamper-roleui upstream



Have I missed something in the role or any other errors?



Best Regards
Jonas Hammarbäck | Aranya AB
Network Architect, ACMA, ACMP, ACCP
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Re: Downloadable role with bandwidth contract

Did you get this working? 

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