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Duplicate Guest Account

How do I prevent a guest from using the same email address and over-writing the settings of the existing account. For some reason if I already have a guest account of, and have a certain role assigned to that. When a guest self registers, it overwrites the account messing up the original. I couldn't find a checkbox anywhere to disallow duplicates.

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Re: Duplicate Guest Account

Hi Rylo,


Here is what I received from tech support and it does work fine at our end.



* Understood that when you had already created a guest user account manually and if the self registration user also creates a user account with the same account information, self registered user account is overwriting the existing account in guest repository.

* As discussed, we tested in our lab and it is an expected behavior.

* There is an auto_update_account field in the guest_register form.

* We also demonstrated the same on your server. When we set the initial value in the auto_update_account field to 0 and the existing account did not got overwritten. Instead user got an error "This username is already in use".

* We reverted the initial value back to 1 in auto_update_account field and the self registered user account updated the existing guest user account.


Another interesting read:



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