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Duration limits within a time period

We currently have AmigoPod deployed as a captive portal where users only need to accept terms of use to get authenticated.  One config question that's come up is allowing users to access the network for an hour per 12 hour period.  I understand that I can add the Session-Timeout attribute the the user role under RADIUS>User Roles and that will restrict the users to a designated time period however, the part I'm having problems with is designating the '1 hr per 12 hrs' part of the equation.  Any ideas or suggestions?


Re: Duration limits within a time period

Check the documentation for "accounting based authorization".


You can write a RADIUS authorization expression that looks up the total amount of time a user has been online, in a given time period.


Something like this might work:


return GetUserTime(43200) > 3600 && AccessReject();


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Re: Duration limits within a time period


 Thanks for the suggestion.  I actually read that doc a few times and it never hit me to change it to GetUserTime.  Using that expression does work however I am now trying to with with GetCallingStationTime as our setup is not using individual user accounts.  Im sure I have the syntax wrong as I get a failed Auth every time


Re: Duration limits within a time period

Paste your expression, or a screenshot, so we can see the actual RADIUS role that is failing.

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Re: Duration limits within a time period

the expression I was using was:


return GetCallingStationTime(60) > 6 && AccessReject();



After looking over the AmigoPod Deployment Guide 3.7 I think this might be better:


return GetCallingStationTime((GetAttr('Calling-Station-Id')), 600) > 6 && AccessReject();



Unfortunately I have a limited time each day to really test this out, hence the 6 seconds in 600 seconds

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Re: Duration limits within a time period

i have the same scenario but i dont know where to start,


anyone that can share me the configuration or screen shot or any documentation link that i can read to get this scenario working, 


thanks in advance.

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