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Easy migration from ACS 4 to ClearPass?

Hi guys,


Any tips on how I can migrate all of my users, devices, admin roles from ACS 4 to ClearPass 6.7? 

We're just starting out this project and I'm looking for a way to make my life easier. 


Thanks in advance. 

Re: Easy migration from ACS 4 to ClearPass?

I know there is a conversion script for batch import of NAS devices (NAD in ClearPass) in Aruba Solution Exchange (ASE):, and it is rumoured to take the ACS export format directly; but please verify that.


Then there is which can import users into the Local User Database.


Also there is an import for endpoints, which fills the ClearPass Endpoint DB, at however, I don't think ACS has such a database; so nothing to import.


Import formats are provided in the solution, and if you are asked to login, you can use your Airheads account for access to ASE.


BTW: I have not seen ClearPass 6.7 yet; you probably mean ClearPass 6.6.1.

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