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Easy way to generate a pop up window



Here's what I'm looking to do.  In ClearPass I check whether a user is in a certain group - use an an example, 9th grade.  If they are in this grade (for argument's sake I check them against an AD group) I generate a pop up window.  Its just for informational purposes.  So I might have a pop up window reminding them they have PSATs or they are all to meet in the auditorium, etc.  


Right now I'm passing the info to the controller and setting their role as "popup".  Then the role has a captive portal and the pop up occurs. I'm just trying to figure out if there might be a quicker/easier way to do this.



Re: Easy way to generate a pop up window

If I had this problem to solve I'd probably use the method you've come up with, assuming you only want the "popup" to display when they connect to the Wi-Fi.


There are likely many 3rd tools that integrate with active directory that can push messages to windows machines, email springs to mind! ;)

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