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Edit Guest Expiry Time

Hi all, I'm trying to figure out how / where to modify the drop-down options presented in the "Account Expiration" field when editing a guest account.


The use case is a retirement home that has residents who will be paying for recurring monthly guest access.  The front desk will take their credit card and set up a recurring payment plan.  Then they will go in and set the account expiry to be "1 month from now", "3 months from now", "1 year from now", etc.




Simliar to what is there, but  I want to remove all the options except "1 day from now", "1 week from now", and then add in the various monthly options.  They don't need all the other options.


It looks like this field is generated from NwaGenerateExpireOptions, but how do I modify that?


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Re: Edit Guest Expiry Time

Check under Configuration > Guest Manager



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Re: Edit Guest Expiry Time

Hmmm, nope.  That seems to only affect the Guest Creation form.

I'm trying to find out where the "1 hour from now", "1 day from now", etc. comes from when Editing an existing guest account.

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Re: Edit Guest Expiry Time

That is the modify_expire_time field in the guest_edit form which uses the NwaGenerateExpireOptions options generator by default.


Home » Configuration » Forms & Views: guest_edit - Edit Fields - modify_expire_time


String. Value indicating how to modify the expire_time field.
This field may be provided when creating or editing a visitor account. It may be set to one of the following values:
l “none” to disable the account expiration timer (do_expire and expire_time will both be set to 0);
l “now” to disable the account immediately;
l “expire_time” to use the expiration time specified in the expire_time field;
l “expire_after” to set the expiration time to the current time, plus the number of hours in the expire_after field;
l “plus X” or “minus X”, where X is a time measurement, to extend or reduce the expiration time by X (hours, but may have a “ywdhms” suffix to indicate years, weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds respectively);
l A time measurement “X”, to set the expiration time to the current time plus X;
l Any other value to leave expire_time unmodified.



You should be able to change it to your wishes by changing the options generator to (Use options) and entering your own options.

Probably in a format like:

| (No changes)
0 | N/A
1d | 1 day
1w | 1 week



What also seems to work and is probably the better way to go, is to just disable the modify_expire_time field on your form.

You then get the “expire_time” and “expire_after” dropdown boxes visible. And this last one uses the values from Expiration Options from Guerst > Configuration > Guest Manager that Cappalli showed.


 2014-01-16 20_30_42-Greenshot.png



Guerst > Configuration > Guest Manager:

2014-01-16 20_31_53-Configure Guest Manager – ClearPass Guest – Aruba Networks.png

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Re: Edit Guest Expiry Time

Thanks!  It took a bit of playing around but I got it to work.  The options I used were:


1d | 1 day from now
3d | 3 days from now
1w | 1 week from now
30d | 1 month (30 days) from now
1y | 1 year from now



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