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Email input validation on Clearpass guest login portal

I am trying to find a way to prevent my end-users from wanting to place their AD credentials in the Username and Password input field on the default created login page. The login page does not appear to have a Form and Fields section on it's own so I am curious if there is a way to make sure that the username field requires to be in email format before the user can click submit. And if applicable, have the submit button stay disabled until the username is in email format. 


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Re: Email input validation on Clearpass guest login portal

No, this is not possible, but you can add an enforcement rule at the top of
the enforcement policy that is handling the login request to deny access if
the realm is not used.

Something like:

Authentication: Full-Username NOT_CONTAINS @

Deny Application Acess

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Re: Email input validation on Clearpass guest login portal

Just to verify, in the login page section under Advanced Editor there is no HTML coding that Clearpass will respect in the username field to verify that an email address is input into that field? Or is the functionality I am looking for only possible from a custom login page?

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