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Re: Encrypting Guest traffic

Hi Tarnold,


but I will still need to create a SSID Profile on my e.g. Windows Computer. You cannot connect to the SSID without having the user doing something.


I think this wil not be a 'easy' solution for the typical dumb guest user  

Sven - AMFX #35

Re: Encrypting Guest traffic

Most devices now support simple connection to a secure ssid. No matter what way you choose PEAP, WPA, WEP the users will still need to add a profile.

Like you say for most users it might still be too complicated so most customers deploy an open ssid with captive portal.

It all comes down to do you want the data secured over the air and most WEP and WPA can be broken pretty quick. With using PEAP it gives each user it's own unique encryption when the connect.
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