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End User control of SSID

Can I setup an SSID that I can allow a particular end user enable and disable? I have a chemistry lab that uses wireless sensors, wired sensors connected to a netbook and 30-40 students that are using Chromebooks.


The Chromebooks are unable to connect to an ad-hoc network so I have provisioned a SSID to a radio in the classroom, but I don't want it available all the time. I want the teacher to be able to enable and disable the SSID when she needs it.


I have a ClearPass server, but I didn't see anything in there that would allow me to do this.


Any help or pointers are greatly appreciated.


Re: End User control of SSID

There is nothing available, either on the controller or ClearPass that would allow a non-Admin to make such a change.  Have you considered giving the teacher access to an AP or RAP that they plug in when they want?


Outside of that, you can control the hours which an SSID is advertising through the Deny time range setting in the VAP profile; but the teacher would have no control over that.

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Re: End User control of SSID

I was also thinking of using a guest pass that the teacher could generate for each class.

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Re: End User control of SSID

A somewhat less secure way would be to create a script that the user has access to run on a remote server that runs these commands:


# wlan virtual-ap <virtual-ap-name>
(Virtual AP profile "<virtual-ap-name") #no vap-enable

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Re: End User control of SSID

That is an interesting idea!

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