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Endpoint Context Server and API calls

CPPM 6.6.0 configured with an Endpoint Context server to my MDM server (Fiberlink/MaS360)


I have this set up using the MaaS360 Endpoint Context Server template in CPPM.  We are running into rate limits being exceeded  on the MaaS360 side which is causing polling to fail.  I might get 14K of 45K of the devices.  I talked to MaaS360 and they recommend I only do API calls for the data I need which is for platformName=Android or platformName=IOS.   Doing this will get me under 10K records (I think) as the rest are PCs.


I do not know how or see a way to configure CPPM to look for only the plateform names above.  In the endpoint context servers configs I basically can enter a URL, authentication info ApplicationID etc...  I am not an API guru am I just missing something like this needs to be added to the URL?  Or can support access the backend and change a config file somewhere?

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