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Endpoint Status changes automatically

Hi Folks,


right now I facing a problem which I have seen a couple of times before without getting the root cause.
A customer is using a Guest SSID with User Authentication and MAC Caching. It is the normal process. A user authenticates against the captive portal and the status flag on the endpoint gets auto updated from "unknown" to "known". This is working fine. 

But however after some time (minutes / seconds) the status changes automatically from "known" to "unknown" again. With that the client isn't able to authenticate with it's MAC address and gets redirected to the captive portal again.


Right now I'm using version 6.7.7 but I have seen this in earlier codes like 6.6.5 - 6.6.10

It looks like that this is not happening to all clients, but today it looks like a 25% rate.


Does anyone have seen the same thing happen?


Thanks for your help!



One more information: I authenticate 2 SSID within the same service and there are only two usernames for all guest users.

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