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Endpoints show as offline

Hi there,


I have two Cisco 4500E that are configured in the exactly the same way.

The switch config and clearpass device config are the same.

Strange thing is that endpoints on one of the switches show as Online, but all the endpoints on the other switch show as Offline.
I can see that both are sending Accounting information to Clearpass (End Timestamp = Still Active). I also enabled Interim accounting.

Any idea what can be causing the problem? What info does ClearPass use to mark an endpoint as Online?



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Re: Endpoints show as offline

Using the API I see that the devices with a wrong status have the following:


        "acctstoptime": "1549310728.29079",
        "acctterminatecause": null,


Notice the "dot<number>" for acctstoptime.

"AcctTerminateCause" is null, because the session didnt terminate.


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