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Engenius Neutron VS Guest

Dear all,

i'm trying to use cppm guest as external captive portal and cppm as radius server with engenius.

The redirection works fine but i'm not able to pass, through post method, the inserted credentials.

I suppouse that as cisco, rukus and iap itselves , i have to use a http address followed by the informations.

Tha scenario is:


My lab's cppm has the ip

The redirection url is


The final page is:


BC:A8:A6:C0:16:79 is my laptop

92:DC:96:3F:37:AF is the ap mac

userurl= is the requested page


I've found some tips into engenius  ezmaster controller for the post method


Sample code of external web page

If the splash page uses a form to grant access, the “username”, “password”, “userurl” and
correct action URL is requited. In the event of redirecting, the system assembles a new URL
with extra parameters. Use “actionurl” value (e.g($_GET[‘actionurl’]), and fill in the action
URL. Besides “username” and “password”, the form also need to consist of “userurl”, of
which value sets are fetched from the value “userurl” e.g($_GET[‘userurl’])


post method.png


Has anyone have any experince into this integration?

Thanks a lot


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