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Expiration Date Missing from Guest Manager Accounts on Amigopod

Using the Customized Form Fields, I enabled the Expire_Time form field for my Guest Self-Registration Page. 


So, when a client submits request for Guest WLAN account, they have the following options:


-Sponsor's Name

- Your Name

- Phone Number

- Company Name

- eMail Address

-Activation Time 

- Account Expiration( enabled Radio button with 5 options 1, 2 , 3, 4 and 5 Days)

- Confirm


I complete the information and select 3 Days for the Account Expiration and click register. Seconds later, I receive e-mai notification with the login credentials.


No issue with the logging in part. However, when I check the Guest Manager Accounts screen, I see the newly created account present. It shows all the field info except Expiration. 


The field expiration shows only N/A.  Since I select 3 days, why does it not the date (3 days after creation date) in the column?





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