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External database check and sms authentication

Hello friends ,

this is the first time i am asking a question here , first of all  i am new at clearpass and read many how to's and guides till asking this question.


I am preparing a lab for my guests , i want them to see only identity number and phone number on the portal page which they redirected after connecting wireless ssid , if their identity number is in the database than they will receive an sms to the phone number which they provide on the guest portal.But be aware i don't want to use self registration.Because everyone can register himself if they see the ssid and i can not hide the ssid,also i can not user sponsor aproval.

Also let me inform you what i did right now , i can register my guests and take their name as username and identity number as password and also their phone number and my guests use first two informations on the portal page if these informations can be validated from the database than they will also send an sms to their phone number which i create when they first enter the building.

As you see i should not take their phone number when they registering their selves but i can make them write it on the portal page with their identity , after validating identity they will receive sms.


any help will be appreciated ,






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