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Failover with Layer 3 on CPPM for guest

We have two clearpass servers clustered.  Their management IP addresses are in different subnets.

The question is failover with Layer3.  As we will not have a VIP.  If the publisher fails, how do requests go to the subscriber?

For radius requests, I believe I can have a primary/secondary entries.  But for guest/captive portal, how does the request get to the secondary server upon failure of the publisher?

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Re: Failover with Layer 3 on CPPM for guest

im afraid you can't do this without something like a loadbalancer or such that checks if the destination is up .




Re: Failover with Layer 3 on CPPM for guest

Just FYI, please find a link to a bunch of my TechNotes. One relates to CPPM & F5, this could be useful if you look a some SLB type deployment to assist with the failover of the Onboarding/Guest Portal.

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