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Feature Clearpass-onguard

I see overview Clearpass-onguard in datasheet

but i want to know

    1. What feature on windows that Clearpass-onguard can detect ? such as windows update, firewall is open or anti-virus are installed on client device

    2. If i insert USB on my device, Clearpass-onguard can detect. so i understand that agent on client will run all the time for check health . right ? but i want to know process between client, clearpass and agent



Thank you


Re: Feature Clearpass-onguard

For windows there is a long list of items we can monitor against.......Below is a screen shot of the items.... Hope this gives you what you wanted.......


In your USB example, the client OG has a policy it gets from CPPM, then when it runs (you decide how often it runs) if it detects it is outside of policy it post this to CPPM. Based upon how you set up CPPM multiple things can happen, but typically we would temporary quarantine the endpoint (because its outside policy).... the OG client will look/attempt to remediate the client, if it succeeds it posts this to CPPM which will 'move' the client back into an authenticated 'nomal' role/ACL.





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