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Firewall live logging?

Is there anyway live logging of the firewall??


I know im one rule away from fixing a problem.. and would be good if I could see a live log so I could possible identify exactly why something isnt working and right a rule accordingly...


Cant seem to find anything the offers this level of granularity...



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Re: Firewall live logging?

All there is, is "show datapath session table".  There is no live logging in the GUI.


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Re: Firewall live logging?

You could also set the controller to send security logs to a syslog server or use the following command:


sh log security all | inc "enter search criteria"

Re: Firewall live logging?

In the GUI, under monitoring > Controller > Firewall hits.


Its very basic there but it may help along with both other suggestions.

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Re: Firewall live logging?

you can also do an allow_all_log policy, enable logging on it, and syslog the security log


the cli equivalent to the above is: show firewall hits

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