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Generic SQL with MSSQL Instance

Hi all


I try to connect to a MSSQL Database with the "Generic SQL DB" Source. Unfortunately the SQL Server has an SQL-Instance with the name "BMS" and I can't add it to the connection information. Adding it to the Servername like "ip\BMS" doesn't work as well.


Has anybody an idea?





Re: Generic SQL with MSSQL Instance

So its not always just that simple as you found out. 


FIrstly did you change the default driver on the PRIMATY tab to MSSQL?.... then it can depend a lot on how the underying MS-SQL DB is setup and configured. In the link below is an example of how I did a SQL connection to a BlackBerry MS-SQL DB.... hoefully this might give you a few pointers.....


Tech Note: ClearPass Enterprise Mobility Management Integration V5 



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Re: Generic SQL with MSSQL Instance

Hi danny


That doesnt really help. but in the meantime I fixed the dynamic TCP port of the Named-Instance and use this directly. Works fine for me.


Thanks & Regards



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