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Google social login error in apple /ios devices

Hi ,

I am experiencing an error while trying to login guest wifi integrated with clearpass social login ,goole . while connecting to SSID,getting initial self registration portal and click " google" icon for social  login , the google page opens and input credentials. Up to this stage everything is smooth .

Now if I click login  , its returned with an error " Hotspot login cannot open the because it could not establish a secure connection to the server " . If I go back and again click on login , it works with out any issue . I am observing this issue only in apple -ios devices . Any body have  experienced  similar issue or can some somebody suggest any fix for this issue ? 

Is it because of I am using a self signed certificate  in both controller and clerpass ?

Error snapshot is pasted below .

 Controller : Cisco WLC  , 8.0

Clearpass : 6.5gogle social login error.JPG



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Re: Google social login error in apple /ios devices

Have you heard anything about this? 


I am having a very similar issue 

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