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Guest Account Session Limit

Curious to know where the self registered guest session limit gets set on an account. The default for a self registered guest is 1. If another device is registered with the same email that account gets a CoA automatically after login and the session is terminated.


Please help me locate where the session limit is set. I am not finding it defined in a form field on submission of the registration. I would like to set it to 2 or 3.sesss.png



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Re: Guest Account Session Limit

In your enforcement policy?

(Authorization:[Endpoints Repository]:Unique-Device-Count GREATER_THAN 1) -> [Deny Access]

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Re: Guest Account Session Limit

Not there. This value is being set when the user account is created.


The enforcement policy would be checking the unique count value to ensure it isnt higher than that number, am I wrong?



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Re: Guest Account Session Limit

Any thoughts on this value being set?

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Re: Guest Account Session Limit

The answer to my question can be found in the screenshot below. Under Guest in Aruba goto Guest Manager. Toward the bottom of those settings you will find General Options > Active Sessions. This is where the guest user limit active session limit is set. 


Wanted to supply this to anyone else that may be looking but not finding this setting.



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